February 26, 2018

Plastic surgery in Bangkok - Buccal Fat Removal at HERS CLINIC (Part 3)

Today is Day 19 since my buccal fat removal and it is healing extremely well! The swelling has completely subsided and my cheeks are so much slimmer now 😱 The only thing I feel regret is... WHY DIDN'T I DO EARLIER?! 😭

The photo on the left was taken on the day before my surgery and the one on the right is 19 days after the surgery. Both photos are not edited 👌 In fact, the left photo was taken with my ZR3500 so there's some beauty effect... the right photo is a raw untouched photo taken with my iphone. But look at the difference!!! I feel so much more confident about myself now 😎

The recovery process was very easy too 😁 My cheeks were kinda swollen for the first few days but people around me couldn't tell they were swollen. If I kept my mouth shut, nobody would even know I did a buccal fat removal surgery. I rested at home for 2-3 days and started going out with my full makeup on the 3rd day. And nobody could tell! My brother didn't even know I did the surgery 😂

Dr Joe said that the best final results should be seen after 1-3 months, but by Day 10 both of my cheeks were about the same size. I think that 85% of the results are shown by Day 10, but the 15% comes gradually after that. Ps: If you've read part 1 and 2 of my blog posts, you would know that my left cheek was initially MUCH bigger than the right

Part 1: http://aimikyoto.blogspot.sg/2018/02/buccal-fat-removal-surgery-in-bangkok.html
Part 2: http://aimikyoto.blogspot.sg/2018/02/buccal-fat-removal-surgery-in-bangkok_9.html

Better comparison photos with same background and lighting:

Tips for recovery:

1. Sleep with your head elevated for about 1 week
2. Finish all your medicine that was prescribed by the doctor. Don't take the painkillers if you don't feel any pain. I didn't even take 1 painkiller 😂
3. Use ice packs for 3 days, and hot packs for the 4th-7th days. Use them for 20 minutes every waking hour. I didn't use hot pack because it was kinda troublesome haha
4. Try to walk or move around to help blood circulation! Don't stay in bed the whole day! 😫
5. Brush your teeth and use a mouthwash every time you eat something/ or after every meal. Do that for a week
6. Be careful of your stitches in your mouth when you're brushing your teeth! They're absorbable stitches and they are not painful at all, but be careful not to hit or pull on them.
7. Get ample sleep, drink more water and keep yourself hydrated!
8. Don't eat spicy food or hot food/drinks for the first week.
9. No alcohol and no smoking for about 2 weeks

Don't hesitate to contact me for any questions! I will be more than happy to share my experience and help you go through your buccal fat surgery because sharing is caring 😂 Email me: winnie.aimikyoto@gmail.com

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Use LINE to contact HERS Clinic because they reply quicker there. Line ID is @hersclinic (include the @ sign)

February 9, 2018

Plastic surgery in Bangkok - Buccal Fat Removal at HERS CLINIC (Part 2)

If you haven't read Part 1 of my buccal fat removal,  here's the link:

At about 3pm, I reached Hers clinic. The clinic is located right beside a MRT Station so quite easy to find. Hers clinic is super modern and very clean! I'm a person who's very anal about all the interior designs but I'm gonna rate this interior a 5/5 😂

When I took this photo of the reception desk, the staffs were like super excited and they were like smiling and posing for the picture. So cute!! 😆

Hers clinic has 2 storeys but I did my surgery and everything at the first floor. They have a washroom at the 2nd floor.

And that's me all excited!!!!!!

Pre surgery & consultation

At about 3.30pm, I had my consultation with Dr Joe. Dr Joe was super kind and he can speak fluent English! He is also extremely patient and answered all my questions. His desk was full of diagrams and those science sculptures HAHA It's like he prepared all these sculptures just for explaining the buccal fat removal to his patients 😂

Initially I always thought that the fat under our skin is the fat that affects the roundness of our face but no, it's the buccal fat. And buccal fat cannot be removed by liposuction so the only method is by buccal fat removal surgery. Dr Joe explained shitload of things to me and all the things he told me are in Part 1.

He marked the area of my buccal fat (the circle part) and jaw muscles (the shaded triangle) with a marker. Please take a moment to appreciate the circle coz seriously the circle on my buccal fat area is the BEST CIRCLE I've ever seen in my life 👏

After the consultation, they took more pictures of me and the nurse gave me some painkillers + antibiotics. Then I waited at the sofa and took some last selfies of my baby cheeks. You can tell that my cheeks aren't even on both sides. The left is much much fatter the right and Dr Joe said it's because my left cheek has more buccal fat LOL. Goodbye baby fats I won't miss you! 😤

Surgery time! 

The whole procedure was literally NOT PAIN AT ALL!! I did threadlift and 水光针 before (something like restylane booster) but the buccal fat removal is even less pain than those. It's even better than going to a Dentist 😷 👍

The surgical theatre was white and comfortable. The Nurses ushered me to lay down on a flat surgical bed and they took a few pictures of me when I was lying down there. They strapped a blood pressure thing on my arm to measure my heartbeat and kept it on for the entire surgery. Tbh it was quite annoying at times 😂  Whenever I hear my heartbeat getting faster, I felt I was too nervous and I tried calming myself down but end up my heartbeat got faster! So the nurse held on to my hand the whole while 😂  But let me tell you - I WASN'T NERVOUS! I WAS EXCITED OK.

Dr Joe came in and sprayed a numbing liquid in my mouth. At first I thought he was only going to use a numbing spray for the surgery so I kinda freaked out. But in fact, Dr Joe used the numbing spray to numb my entire mouth, tongue and throat so the anaesthetic injection became painless .

Usually Doctors will go straight ahead to make the anaesthetic injection without the numbing spray and they will tell you "you will only feel pain for this anaesthetic jab" blablabla *rolling my eyes* but I still feel the pain alright! But Dr Joe was different. He used the numbing spray first, so that the anaesthetic injection was painless. Dr Joe is such a kind soul 😇

Dr Joe then made a tiny incision in my left cheek and started pulling the fat out. He told me what's he gonna do every now and then, which made me feel super assured because I knew what was going on during the whole surgery. I couldn't feel anything though so I just listened to the jazz music in the surgical theatre throughout the whole surgery 😴


I showed my family the pictures and they said the fat looks kinda cute haha. And my teeth looks so straight here 😂

After that the whole procedure was PAINLESS from the start to the end.. throughout the surgery, Dr Joe kept asking me to swallow my saliva. I expected to taste some salty blood but I didn't taste anything 😳  Probably because my tongue is numb from the numbing spray. Dr Joe was also super kind! He kept encouraging me like "VERY GOOD" "open your mouth" "close your mouth" "VERYYY good!". You know those words made me feel like I'm the BEST patient EVER.

After removing the fat on my left cheek, Dr Joe sewed my incision with adsorbable stitches and he spent some time making sure the stitches are tight. He told me it's important to make it tight so the cheeks/skin will not sag after the fat are removed. The last thing I want is having my same old round face because of the loose skin even though the fat was removed 😪

When the left cheek was done, Dr Joe asked me to use my tongue to feel the left cheek and the right cheek. I WAS SHOOK!!! My tongue couldn't even feel any fat on my left cheek - it was like there's an empty space. And my left cheek felt so much lighter as compared to my right cheek!

 Dr Joe handed me a mirror and when I looked into the mirror, I literally went "OH MY GOD". You guys knew my left cheek was much bigger than the right cheek before the surgery. But now my left cheek is so much smaller than the right one 😱 😱 😱  You can see it for yourself! The first 2 pictures are before surgery and the next 2 pictures are right after my left buccal fat was removed.

For the rest of the surgery, I was MAD EXCITED just thinking about how slim my face will be after the surgery 😆  The surgery was a breeze and before I knew it, it was over! Total duration about 40 minutes. But it definitely felt less than 30 minutes! Both sides came out equally proportionate after the buccal fat was removed.


After the whole surgery, Dr Joe asked me to smile for some photos and I smiled so big despite having numb cheeks. I mean c'mon I'm DAMN HAPPY!! You have no idea how elated I felt - painless and superb results immediately! 😁  And the results are definitely better than in the pictures!! Somehow I wish I can bring my fats home! If the custom officer asks me "what's that?" I can proudly declare "My baby fat that I've lost 😎 "

Of course after the surgery, the swelling started to develop gradually. The nurse told me the swelling will be at its worst on Day 3 but after Day 3 the swelling will gradually subside. By day 10 it should be more or less OK. Can't wait!! I'll update you guys on the results yea

Post surgery

Right after the surgery, I was sent to a recovery room and was given a tight face mask with ice packs stuffed near my cheeks area. I rested on the comfy recliner for about 30 minutes, and then they gave me a light therapy to help with the recovery.

Check out my nice nails yo. Nails from @signaturesalon (instagram)

The light therapy was something like a facial treatment with just light shining at me, but my eyes were covered so I couldn't see the light. It was so calming I fell asleep on the recliner 😅  I think I was tooooo tired from my early flight. Did I told you guys my flight was 6.55am and I had to wake up at bloody 4am... Kid you not I wish I could spend the night on the recliner 😂

I was given my medicine after that and the medicine box was super cute! I will talk more about my recovery in my next blog post (Part 3). That's all for this blog post! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me: winnie.aimikyoto@gmail.com

Hers Clinic 
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Email: contact@hers-clinic.com

LINE: @hersclinic  

Use LINE to contact HERS Clinic because they reply quicker there. Line ID is @hersclinic (include the @ sign)

Plastic surgery in Bangkok - Buccal Fat Removal at HERS CLINIC (Part 1)

Hello everyone! I've headed to Bangkok (again haha) for my Buccal fat pad removal! Buccal fat removal is removing the fat from the cheeks. I'm actually blogging from Day 2 of my surgery and I am so so so SO SO HAPPY 😆

After doing a year of research and checking on forums, I decided to go to Dr Naruichit (Dr Joe) from HERS Clinic in Bangkok, who is specialised on Buccal fat removal.

Why did I decide to go for Buccal fat removal? 

1) I want a SMALLER FACE

Buccal fat is the same as cheeks fat, or some people call it "baby fat". You know when you pinch a baby's cheek and go "SO CUTE" yea that's our buccal fat! Normally when we age, the buccal fat will go away but mine is still there!! Sigh I didn't age properly 😞

 From the picture below, the left face is the buccal fat we have when we were babies. The right face is what will happen to our buccal fat as we become adults - Some of us will lose the buccal fat when we become adults but if we don't lose it, the buccal fat will drop downwards and fill your lower cheeks with fat.

The downside of having baby fat as an adult is having a BIGGER and CHUBBIER face, which is not aesthetically pleasing. Aka not pretty 😖

The video for buccal fat removal is quite graphic.. but watch it! When I watched the video I have that huge urge to pull out that yellow fat from inside my mouth 😂  The video is sick and not for the weak (DAMN! It rhymes) but it's like one of those "satisfying" videos


2) It is very EFFECTIVE!! 

There are 2 layers of fat in our cheeks:
1) Fat under our skin
2) Buccal fat (beneath the muscle)

Fat under our skin is usually caused by eating unhealthy food. It can be removed by Mesofat or Liposuction on the face but usually the results are not very obvious. Why? Look at the picture below! It only takes up around 1/5 of our skin layer so of course removing it won't make any much difference 😔

The MAIN CULRPIT of our fatty cheeks is our buccal fat. That's why although I changed my diet to a non carbo one, my cheeks still remain fatty af... 😭  Dieting only affect the fat under our skin which is negligibly little.

The results from Buccal fat removal is ultra extreme if removed correctly. Below are some results from Hers clinic. SO COOL RIGHT!!  You can see more pics in the link here:


3) It is a very SAFE and small surgery (as compared to jaw bone shaving etc) 

The surgery only uses local anaesthesia in your cheeks and the whole surgery was NO PAIN!!! I'm serious! I will talk more about my experience in Part 2 😌  The anaesthesia used is actually the same as the one in dental clinics. Just imagine you're going to a dentist LOL. To be honest it's even better than going to a dentist because I hate dentists they always give me pimples from their dirty equipments URGH

 The buccal fat surgery is a really small procedure and the whole procedure is so short.. about 30 minutes. More like a "lunch time treatment" LOL Go in and sleep for 30 minutes and poof you're done! THAT IS REALLY EASY!

There are also not much risks and complications for removing your buccal fat. You don't have to go back to the clinic to remove whatever stitches because they use absorbable stitch and the incision is super small. I can't even feel my incision with my tongue now 😂

Unlike jaw bone shaving which may result in the lost of bone structure and skin sagging, the buccal fat removal will not result in any skin sagging. And the downtime for recovery is much shorter than the jaw shaving surgery. No offence but I'm kinda against jaw bone shaving after reading about all the warnings on realself.com. It's really dangerous and there's many side effects in the future like premature aging etc

Why did I decide to go to HERS Clinic?

1) Hers Clinic is famous and very SPECIALISED on Buccal fat removal

There are quite a few Thailand forums for all the plastic surgeries but the most famous one is DUNGDONG. It's like our YAHOO forum and people just post reviews of their plastic surgery experiences.


If you take your time to study, you will notice that most of the patients who did their Buccal fat removal were from HERS Clinic. All these reviews on Dungdong are written by the customers so confirm they're reliable.

In my opinion, more customers = doctor more experienced on the buccal fat removal. Dr Joe is specialised on buccal fat removal anyway! Afterall, you won't want a doctor who's specialised on rhinoplasty to do your buccal fat removal. In fact, the most important thing for doing a plastic surgery procedure is selecting your SURGEON, not the clinic.

I kinda stalked Dr Joe over the internet and realised how experienced is Dr Joe. He was even a Lecturer on Bucceal fat pad removal at ABLS Thailand Conference! He's the doctor who did all the buccal fat removal in HERS Clinic since the opening of the clinic so no doubts about his skills 👏  And also no doubt for my stalking skills 😈  His name is Dr Naruichit but I think his english name or nickname is Dr Joe

2) The results of the buccal fat removal in HERS Clinic are impressive

Most of the other doctors only managed to remove a small amount of fat, but Dr Joe from HERS Clinic removes the correct amount of the fat in the whole lower cheek area. I know the results are great because I'm blogging from Day 2 and I've seen my results 😱 👍 👍

3) Dr Joe uses the best technique for Buccal fat removal 

One thing you need to make sure is that your skin is tight after the buccal fat removal. If not, your buccal fat may be removed but your face may still appear big and round because the skin is not tightened. Dr Joe tightened and stitched up the incision really tightly so that there won't be any sagging. 

4) Price is affordable!! 

The price of buccal fat removal is really reasonable (19900 baht = about 800SGD). Cheap and good! 😄  Although the price should not be a main factor to select the doctor you should go with, it is really a reasonable price for the surgery and for the best buccal fat surgeon.

That's all for Part 1. I will write about my surgery experience in PART 2 😆  For any questions, don't hesitate to contact me: winnie.aimikyoto@gmail.com

Hers Clinic 
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Email: contact@hers-clinic.com
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Use LINE to contact HERS Clinic because they reply quicker there. Line ID is @hersclinic (include the @ sign)

December 27, 2017

BOTOX & MESO FAT at Lovely Eye Clinic in Bangkok

As mentioned from my previous blog post, I visited Lovely Eye clinic for a check up of my double eyelid surgery which I did last year. Dr Roungkaw was pleased with my blog posts (which were not sponsored) and she gave me some treatments for free to thank me!! 😮  Thank you Dr Roungkaw for being so kind!!

Dr Roungkaw evaluated my face and said the issue with my face is too much fat, especially at my cheeks and double chin/neck area. I grew up with a chubby face and I thought puberty would do some magic to my baby fats but sadly it didn't 😟  My face shape is also pretty squarish because of my strong jaw muscles.

I've done Botox on my jaw muscles and threadlift for my face in Singapore last year and it costed me a freaking $2400 SGD! The results were good but Threadlift and botox are all temporary. Normally Botox will last for only 6 months, and threadlift for 1 year. Threadlift lifts the fats and muscles by pulling your whole face up and locking the threads at your temples. Although it created a V shape for my face, the fats in my face are still there!! 😟  To make the fats disappear forever, Dr Roungkaw suggested that I should do Mesofat + Botox.

What does Botox do: Botox on jaw paralyses your jaw muscles so it becomes smaller. Sometimes we don't know if a big jaw is caused by a square jaw bone big jaw muscles. So how do you know? Clench your teeth with your mouth open, and if you feel a small bulge of muscle at your jaw area, it means you need botox.

What does Mesofat do: Makes your fat vanish!!!! The fats will be gone forever, which means unless you gain weight again, Mesofat is PERMANENT! Even if you gain a little weight in the future, chances that the weight gain goes to your face and not to other body parts are fairly low.

How does Mesofat works: Injection of some ?? liquid into your face. I did Mesofat on my lower cheeks and neck/double chin area. Results will be seen in 10 days.

The clinic staffs brought me to the back of the clinic where the individual comfortable recliners are surrounded by curtains. That's the area where Lovely eye clinic does all their skin treatments.

Many of you may think that for the same treatment, for example a botox injection, done on an area will produce the same result as long as the amount of botox administrated is the same. WRONG 😉  The skills of the doctor is VERY important!! Same treatment + different doctor = different results

In fact, Lovely eye clinic is actually "Lovely eye and skin clinic". Which means the clinic also specialises on skin treatments! Although these treatments are kindly done for me for free, the actual price is still WAY cheaper than Singapore... even if you add the price of hotel and Singapore airline tickets it's still cheaper! Let me tell you a little secret - you can't find Mesofat in Singapore anyway... 😎

This is my face before the Mesofat and botox. You can see the fatty bulge on my lower cheeks, and my double chin when I look down at my toes 😞  The areas I'll be doing: Mesofat on lower cheeks + Mesofat on double Chin area + botox on jaw muscles.

MY DOUBLE CHIN YUCKS!!! I look like a hippopotamus *sobs*

Dr Roungkaw was the one who does the treatments phew 😌  (Not like some other clinics who ask their inexperienced Nurses or staffs to do the treatments *cough cough* ). A staff in Lovely eye clinic helped me remove my makeup on the injected area. She kept cleaning my face and neck with makeup remover, water and alcohol over and over again to make sure it's squeaky clean and bacteria free. Points for being so OCD hygienic haha 😂  On the comfortable recliner waiting...

There was a staff beside who kept using ice packs to numb the area of injections. The ice pack was super hard and frozen, which completely numbed my skin and the muscle underneath. They didn't inject any anaesthesia or put any numbing cream on my face but surprisingly there was no pain at all!

The Mesofat was about 5-6 injections on each side. Dr Roungkaw pinched and injected the fatty areas including my lower cheeks, some fats near the sides of my mouth, and on my double Chin area. The botox consisted of 1 injection on each side. Each injection was about 1 second long, so really it wasn't painful at all. The whole procedure took no longer than 5 minutes.

After the procedure, my face is a little swollen but don't worry be happy! Lovely Eye clinic gave me a mask so I can protect the injected areas from dust and also hide my partially swollen face 😷

The swelling of the face will go away in a day. To reduce swelling, drink more water and use ice packs if you have at home. I didn't use any ice packs as the swelling wasn't really obvious.

I took the pictures exactly 10 days later for comparison and LOOK! I'm VERY impressed!!! 😱 My double chin is gone!!!! 😱 😱

Aren't you impressed too?? 😱 It's been a month already and the fats have not returned! Thank you so much Lovely eye clinic! Feel free to email me for any enquiries and I will reply within a few days:  winnie.aimikyoto@gmail.com

 Below are the contacts of Lovely eye clinic. If you wanna contact them, I advise contacting them through LINE. The account ID includes the "@" symbol.

Lovely Eye By Dr.Roungkaw Clinic
2nd Floor PARKLANE Ekkamai
Open: Open: 8.00-20.00 (daily)
Call: (+66) 2382 0045
Line: @Lovelyeye
International Consult: contactlovelyeye@gmail.com
Instagram: Lovely Eye and Skin