December 6, 2016

Double eyelid surgery in Bangkok PART 4

Can't wait to wear my makeup and contact lens on 8 December hahaha it's the holy date!!!

Some of you have asked me questions regarding my procedures done in Bangkok... Hope these answers will come in handy to those who're looking into eyelid surgery! 😌

Q1. Why incision method instead of the sewing method (suture)?

Incision Pros - permanent double eyelids

Incision Cons - bigger surgery and longer surgery time (around 1-2 hours), longer recovery time (3-6 months to achieve best results), more costly (around $1000 SGD), harder to achieve assymetrical results (which means you have to pick your surgeon more carefully because incision method is irreversible)

Suture Pros - reversible surgery, cheaper ( around $200-$600 SGD), shorter recovery time (can wear contact lens/makeup after a few days), easier to achieve the eyelids you want

Suture Cons - temporary double eyelids (2-15 years depending on skills of surgeon and individual's activities), risk of accidents when thread breaks

From here, it may seem like the suture method is better. It really depends on your individual weighing of each pro/con. For me, I wear contact lens almost everyday which means if I go for suture method, the thread will get loose very quickly, maybe in 5 years time. This means that after 5 years, I'll have to go back to get my double eyelid done again. If I keep going back, the total cost will be much more than the incision method... and I really wanted some permanent work to my eyes.

 I did a year of research on which surgeons/ clinics because if I go for incision, the results are permanent. If I picked the wrong surgeon, that's it for me LOL. Always remember!!  A well informed patient is a safe patient!! (My mantra hahaha)

You should also make sure you have sufficient time for recovery after the surgery (I'm having school holidays so I have one and a half month of rest). The eyes will usually be swollen for 2 weeks, but you must get ample rest especially for the first week.

Q2. How much is your surgery?

Epicanthoplasty + Blepharoplasty: 48600 baht
Canthoplasty: 32000 baht

You need to make 50% deposit prior your surgery to confirm the surgery & consultation dates. Just a note, my clinic usually do epicanthoplasty + blepharoplasty together. Somehow comes like a set/package.

Q3. How painful was it?

5-6. Anaesthesia was 6-7, just after surgery the soreness was around 5.

December 2, 2016

Double eyelid surgery in Bangkok PART 3

Hello! I'm writing this post on day 18 and recovery is like 💨💨

(What was I doing with my hand LOL) this is day 2 morning from my surgery...

And this was day 12 or 13 (after removing the stitches!!)

I was actually quite dumb 😪 I didn't read the instructions carefully enough and thought I had to put ice pack on my eyes all the way till I remove my stitches, which was on day 10. On day 6, a tiny part of the stitches went into my eye (I think I put too much ice pack on my eye 😅) and it was irritating and itchy. The same feeling you get when your eyelash inside your eye but you can't remove it...

I went back to the clinic to get it removed, and 顺便 ask more questions. Then my doctor told me the ice packs only for 3 days!!!!! 😩 It also explains why I started to get some yellowish bruising from day 4 onwards because of the lack of blood circulation to my eyes.

The rest of the days till day 10, I went shopping around but with my cap 😎 I love this cap so much!! It's my Bangkok BFF 👭

And look what I found!!!! So cute!!!! 😍 (fyi this bag was not from the kids section!! Which made it even more special!!!) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The food in Bangkok was so affordable too! This meal below costed us around $23 SGD!! And its @Siam Paragon (The restaurant environment was super atas and the service was awesome!!) In Singapore, $23 probably for only 1 plate of ribs 😫

By right I should be eating healthy to speed up my recovery. We had salads for most of the meals but towards the end of the trip I became more don't-care HAHA  

At night when we got back to our hotel, I nothing much to do so I kept imagining how I would look like with contacts and makeup 🌝 Look at my pathetic edit...

November 24, 2016

Double eyelid surgery in Bangkok PART 2

Continue from the previous Part 1...
I'm so happy that I've chosen Lovely Eye Clinic! No regrets!! The clinic looks so atas and clean 😁 And the service there is awesome. They are also super considerate to the patients (like they provide free water, slippers to wear in the clinic etc)

It's located in a quite atas place too HAHAHA the building reminds me of clarke quay

And my cute mom and dad in the clinic HAHAHA 

This is the main blepharoplasty procedure which I will be going to do. Full incision means remove skin, remove the fat (the yellow thing) and throw it away HAHAHA 

Then sew it back. Why I chose the full incision and not the surture method, is because I wear contact lens almost everyday and I've read that contact lens may loosen the thread in the surture meathod. Saw some news about the thread breaking if you rub your eyes too hard or in a wrong way, which might cause one to be BLIND!! This just freaks me out 

And you need to go back to again after around 2-10 years, because surture method is a temporary procedure. Sure it's much cheaper and healing time is quicker, but I find it quite troublesome. Imagine if the thread suddenly breaks in your eyes, BOOM and you're back to your single eyelid LOL 🌝

My eyelids with & without tape. 

My appointment for consultation with the doctor is 12.30pm, and my surgery is 1pm. The week before the surgery, I can't put on double eyelid tapes for a week (so no makeup for me 😢) and I can't eat any supplements (no Vitamin C, no herbs). Also, try not to eat seafood or rubbish food/ junk food because this might affect your recovery time. My time to detox and diet 😊

I was not really scared because I know there will be anaesthesia and I trust the doctor! My pain tolerance is really high too. For me, if ear piercing is 1/10, naval piercing  2/10, tattoo 3.5/10, surgery maybe 5/10. 


I went into a locker room where I changed into their patient clothes (it's like Korean hanbok, super cute!!) 💕💞 The staffs there were all super friendly too. They took pictures of me before I went to the locker room with some huge DSLR. I was then given a key for my locker, where I can place my bag and clothes in it.

You have to remove everything (except panties) and all the jewelries, including your bra because there's the wire. This puts me even more to ease because I saw some other clinics who allowed their patients to go in the operational theatre with their earrings (which is dangerous AF)

Then, I was ushered to a room where I had to lie down on a bed. The staff told me to relax and sleep on the bed. At first the staff said like "you can rest" and made that sleeping hand gesture but I thought he was kidding because HOW TO SleEEP WHEN I'M SO EXCITED?? 😌 The wait for the doctor was quite long and at last I decided to lie down and sleep. The staff even covered me with a blanket LOL The blanket was so comfortable

After about 20 min, the staff woke me up. They cleansed my face for me like twice and handed me the blue cap. The staffs told me about some medications which I need to consume and some ointment for my eyes after the surgery. I think they know that I will not be able to absorb all the info after my surgery haha! Kinda true because after my surgery, I just wanted to go back to my hotel asap 😆

Surgery - blepharoplasty 

Everything was super fast! After the consultation with the doctor to tell her what I want etc, I went into the operational theatre. The operational theatre looks like an ordinary dentist room! It's not scary at all, and there was this super calming jazzy music 😇😇 The doctor asked me to sit on the operation bed and drew some markings to my eyes. She told me my bone structure allows her to do a 9mm eyelid on me!! (She told me 8mm during consultation) I'M SO ELATED!!

I was injected local anaesthesia and that was the most painful part. The needle went quite deep and it was outside + inside my eyes. I think she injected me like 4 times on each eye, or maybe 5 idk. I was lying on the bed just thinking like "WHEN IS THIS GONNA END". The last injection was the most painful one and I felt my nose swell!! Like you know, the feeling you get when you're gonna cry... 😭 But still tolerable for me... I think they took around 5 min for the anaesthesia

The rest of it was just operating on my eyes. I CANT EVEN FEEL ANYTHING ON MY EYES!! It's like I know the doctor is working on my eyelid but it's senseless!! I can't even feel her touching my eye. I love this anaesthesia man!! Occasionally I felt a light tug, but no pain. I was fully awake during the surgery and fully sane. The total duration of the surgery was about 2 hours which was REALLY LONG. Halfway through the surgery, I almost slept because the music was quite sleepy... I also had time to daydream and think about what to do when I'm recovering... go shopping to platinum mall blabla

I forgot to add in that before I went into the operation theatre, the staff gave me 2 pills and they told me it's too make me "less excited". I presume it's some kind of light sedatives and painkillers to decrease my heartbeat.

Surgery - Lateral canthoplasty 

After the first blepharoplasty surgery, the doctor told me she's going to operate my lateral canthoplasty. And that means additional anaesthesia on the sides of my eye. 😨 This time it's not super crazy painful, because the anaesthesia on my upper eyelid is starting to wear off. So half of the time while she did my canthoplasty, I was swearing in my heart... my upper eyelids began to get super sore but I know there's no other choice because the doctor can't inject anaesthesia on my upper eyelid again. Not like I wanna get another shot of that painful injection 🌚🌚🌚

Right after the surgery, they injected me with 3 shots of botox on each side (because my cheeks muscle was tense and this botox will help me get a better result from my eyelid surgery, like make it stretch more which is the result I wanted).

I was glad it was finally over. The doctor placed a mirror in front of me to let me see my face and all I saw was a super swollen pair of eyes which was kind of purple/blueish/blackish/reddish I'm not sure. My eyes felt extremely  heavy to the point that I could only open 1/4 of my eyes. The soreness I felt was one that was not really painful, but it's like theres something heavy on your eyes which prevents you from opening your eyes.

They led me to a small mini room beside the operation theatre with a big sofa recliner and put ice pack on my eyes, which numbed half of the soreness. If I did only blepharoplasty and without canthoplasty, my anaesthesia would have lasted me till the end and my eyes wouldn't be that sore. But my soreness is still tolerable. After about 15 min, the staffs held me up and brought me back to the front desk where they took some photos of my swollen eyes. The staffs kept saying things like "very beautiful" which made me smile a little despite my sore eyes, but in my heart i was super LOL!! I swear I look like some bloody goldfish

Back in hotel in the evening after the jam and immediately with my ice packs (super important for first 3 days!!!) 😙  I'll continue with part 3 on my recovery 😗

Double eyelid surgery in Bangkok PART 1 (Incision Blepharoplasty + Epicanthoplasty + Lateral Canthoplasty)

After researching for almost a year, I've finally decided to go for my DOUBLE EYELID SURGERY!!!!!  I'm writing this post to share about my experience because there's really a lack of reviews on the internet for surgery in Asia, especially in Thailand! (I only found Eric's post for Thailand haha). YES I feel you!! The anxiety for searching for more reviews is real 😅 This is a really long post but I hope it will help those of you who's interested. 

But before that, let me complain about some unhappy issues. Yes I'm only 17 this year and this is my 1st plastic surgery, but I feel that nobody has any rights to stop me (I'm typing this in annoyance because some particular person from my school is making a fuss of it). First, this is my personal choice so it's 我家的事, nothing to do with school. Secondly, plastic surgery has always been a very controversial topic and I cannot stop you from judging me, BUT whether it's right/wrong is your problem, so please keep that to yourself. Plus I'm not breaking any laws LOL  


Why the decision for my plastic surgery?

1. Saves my TIME for makeup! 

And by that, I don't mean like 10/20 min. I mean a whole 1 hour or more. Before I had my surgery, I'll usually spend around 2 hours to get my hair + makeup done, because of that FREAKING ANNOYING double eyelid tapes. 😠😡😢  I have natural double eyelids but the crease are really low, like those korean double eyelids (which I personally don't really like). I want really high creases/folds but it's very hard to get it with just tapes because my eyelids have a lot of fat (that's why the creases are low).  So I need to do it with glue + tape..

But most of the 2 hours is struggling to put in the right position urghhhh 😣 Like once I accidentally paste it wrongly, I tear of the tape and the glue will become rough and I have to remove my makeup and redo it again! Do you feel me!! 😤😤 And sometimes when the creases of both eyes are not same height... 

That means now I will only take around 30 min to get ready. TIME IS PRECIOUS.

2. Saves my skin from tearing

Double eyelid tapes are TAPES no matter what. It hurts the skin of your eyes and of course the skin might get thinner and thinner if you keep pasting them. And then when it finally gets toooo thin... the eyeball drop out?? 😱😱

3. WHY WAIT?? 

I know I'll get it done sooner or later, because I cannot live with double eyelid tapes forever. Imagine being a piano teacher with double eyelid tapes... LOL. That's just weird...


I thought of doing it in Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. Japan is a no (even though they're pretty well-known for their surgery too) because their english is really... errr communication issues. 😅Korea rather attractive plastic surgery 'holiday' packages with a translator but I'm not very fond of the korea double eyelids, like those low creases one. I was in a huge dilemma between Singapore & Thailand because even though the price of the surgery in Thailand was no doubt cheaper, but if you add up airfare + hotel accommodation, it's about the same price.

I read many articles and blogs about double eyelid surgery and they say, it's not about the country you choose, more about the surgeon you pick. To me, I feel that if a surgeon dares to show its BEFORE AFTER photos, then it's a clinic that can be trusted. I mean like if you don't even dare to show them, then this means that your results cannot be trusted right? 😰

So I began looking for clinics and surgeons on Facebook and instagram! (Mostly with Instagram). Found tons of accounts and collated them throughout the whole 2016 year. I think I've collated a total of more than 80 clinics from Thailand, and in the end I filter them one after another, by studying their profiles carefully and looking at the reviews. For Singapore, I found only about 3 clinics which I feel can provide me with the double eyelid I'm looking for. 😓

I'm actually super particular about my double eyelid! I want it high crease + parallel (not tapered). High crease is 8mm-9mm, medium crease is 5-7mm. 

Singapore plastic surgery is not really my taste (I don't like the results). And, they always go for the tapered eyelids. At last, I settled on Lovely Eye clinic from Bangkok! I'm not promoting this clinic (this is not a sponsored post haha) but the clinic is the only clinic in Bangkok which specialises only on eye surgery. That means they don't provide any procedures like Rhinoplasty etc.. 

And there's only 1 main doctor for the surgery! Qualified surgeon with quite a lot of certifications (you can research that if you're interested) and the first surgeon in Bangkok to specialise on Epicanthoplasty. Epicanthoplasty is the procedure to "open" the inner corners of your eyes, to make it parallel. 

Image from my clinic's website. I've also decided to go for Lateral Canthoplasty together. Since go all the way to Bangkok, must well do all for once mah! Lateral canthoplasty is cut the outer conners of your eye to make it look longer (but just by 2-3mm) 

Procedures I went for: 
Lovely Blepharoplasty
Expert Epicanthoplasty
Extensional Lateral Canthoplasty 

Let me continue this long post in part 2 :D 

November 19, 2016

Bangkok Day 1

Finally I'm able to blog!! For the past few days, I had to put ice packs on my eyes continuously but its day 5 since my blepharoplasty surgery, so now its ok. Just called my clinic just now and my doctor said I can go out to shop! Yesss finally... I've been waiting for this day for really long LOL 😓 You don't know how boring it is to stay in the same hotel room 24/7 for 5 days without being able to see anything 😫... which means no using laptop or watching TV 😫

This is my 2nd trip to BKK (the last was 4 years back!) and I was super excited because omg, i mean why not when you know you're gonna toss away all those irritating double eyelid tapes 😅 (Those of you who don't know yet, I came to BKK for my blepharoplasty surgery, or double eyelid surgery). I'll be blogging day by day now.

We took Singapore airlines to BKK - 2 hours flight. All the while I've been taking Cathay (because cheaper hahaha) but this time SQ is cheaper. It was raining, which adds on to the gloomy service and food onboard. I'm really disappointed...

I mean look at the food, so unappetising 😷 OK the picture looks pretty yummy, but the fish was so dry, and the pasta had no sauce. Even 7-11 provides better packed food! Plus, they don't even serve ice cream for deserts. Not to mention the bad service onboard. The last time I took SQ a few years back was wayyy better. Singapore airlines, please improve yourselves ✋

Day 1 was actually just a lepak day. Check in hotel.. Shop around etc. We stayed in AETAS Lumpini hotel and it was awesome!!! The toilet is just fab 😌

My mom- "Why you take picture of me" 

"But first, let me draw my eyebrows" 

The essential bathtub photo + step model

After checking in, we went to Silom for dinner. Our hotel was located just 2 minutes away from Lumpini train station, and Silom is just 1 stop away. Super convenient!!

That's it for Day 1! Ended the day with a nice bubble bath at night because after my surgery, my eyes can't touch water for 10 days 😅