September 28, 2016

9 facts you don't know about me

Hello I'm back! This is a blogpost of 9 random facts about me. 9 because 10 is TOO mainstream. Also, my brain has reached its maximum capability to think haha. Read on if you're interested in me. Otherwise Meh you can always hit the X button

But since you've already decided to come here, I assume you're curious about me, right? :D Like duh, am I not interesting enough for you to be curious about... (This is the REAL, THICK-SKINNED WINNIE)

Ok, let's GOoo ~!

1. The only thing I drink (at home) is hot green tea.

Cold or sweetened green tea will not be tolerated! Only freshly brewed hot green tea 🍵 I'm very picky with what I drink at home...

Actually the main reason behind this is because 我怕胖啦 (I'm afraid of gaining weight)

2. I dislike fries...🍟

This one is not because I'm health conscious. I just dislike eating fries since young. I guess the ONLY fries I eat are those super short, thin and tiiiiiny fries with EXTREMELY CRISPY edges.

3. Nobody (except my family), has ever seen me angry before (⌒▽⌒)☆

I can't bring myself to be angry with people outside of my house, even my close friends. I just feel reallyyy weird and awkward to show my angry face to people 😂

4. I count my sleep hours 💤💤

I am a Mathematician when it comes to sleeping - I need 10 hours of sleep everyday. Even if I happen to sleep at 5am, I'll set my alarm at 3pm the next day

5.  I'm very hairy 😈

Did you just shout "EWWW!"? Sorry, but you chose to stay here (´Д` )

When I was younger,  I would always think "why am I so hairy" and "why can't I be as non-hairy as other girls"... but as a kid, adults would tell me how much they envy my hair and how I wouldn't suffer from hair loss like them LOL. But now I'm pretty convinced! I can get voluminous curls without hair spray and my eyebrows are still on point after bathing 💯😌. I'm learning how to feel beautiful and love my flaws

6. The only drink I buy is mineral water 💧

This may not come as a surprise for those who know me personally. I dislike all canned drinks, especially soft drinks like Coke and Pepsi. I also think that Yeo's drinks are... overly sweet. Disgusting 😖

7. I've never changed my ambition since young

Ever since I began learning piano at 4, my only ambition is to become a pianist. Whenever someone asks me "What do you want to be when you grow up?", my answer is always the same. My ambition is to become a piano prof and teach piano performance at a university! :)

That's my older brother beside me. He looks soooo cute when he was young!!

8. I'm a (quite) good athlete 🏃🏃🏃

I know what you're thinking! "Winnie so girly confirm run slow" Yah don't ASSUME 😩

I'm a fast runner and I'm super good at long jumps. My mom was an athelete so i probably inherited some good athletic genes from her haha 😆 I shall be boastful and say I've been getting Golds for napfa tests since young 💁Not bad right!! Give me a round of applause!

The reason why I'm so lepak during PE lessons is because I lack motivation in school. But when I step out of school... YES to gym and workouts

9. I'm not a Singaporean. Nor am I a Japanese...

A lot people told me I look Japanese and they think I'm half Japanese because of my Instagram name LOL. I'm not a Japanese. I am a Wapanese! Wapanese is Japanese wannabe (It's actually a negative connotation but there's no other word).

So what's my nationality?

Tadah! I'm actually a Malaysian born in Singapore!

ADV: Choker from

Thank you for sponsoring me this double layered choker. Love it!

The design I'm wearing is: Design #5 (Dounle Layer Wavy with Tassel). Check out that super kawaii packaging! By the way if you're wondering... yes that's my customised Barbie table 

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PS. This is a kawaii update.... about the new pikapika function in BeautyCam app haha. Have you all tried it out?  I swear it's so ADDICTIVE!!!


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September 21, 2016

REVIEW: Canmake [Glow Fleur Cheek] Blusher

You know those peachy pinkish glow you always see on POPTEEN gyaru models? I've been searching everywhereeee for it... Up to the point that I've kinda convinced myself that the peachy pinkish cheek colour is non existent, probably just an "edited colour" :x

Last week, I've received [Glow Fleur Cheek] from Canmake Look at the packaging omg... So cute and petite! And so Princessy ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Honestly, my hopes weren't pretty high since all along I've been using the same blusher (some drugstore brand from Japan) and I thought all blushers give similar cheek colours

Colour: 02

But damn, I was wrong. The colour of [Glow Fleur Cheek] is EXACTLY what I've been looking for - A soft milky pinkish shade with a slight peachy tone. It creates the kawaii dolly look and makes you look super Gyaru-ish without even trying! 

With photo filter

Without photo filter

The shade goes well with any skin tones. The healthy rosy colour you is  really adorable! Absolutely love it!! I chose pink eyeshadow deliberately to match with the "innocent/kawaii" look ~ ♪
PS. I just realised I forgot to draw the ends of my brows oopsy :O pardon my short brows

Doesn't this pinkish glow remind you of the purikura edits? Aww I miss purikuras so much... 
(All the Purikura shops in Singapore have closed, except for one in SCAPE but the machines are so awfully outdated sigh). This one was taken in Tokyo ~ 

I definitely recommend Canmake's [Glow Fleur Cheek]. It works extremely well with the dolly kawaii look, especially for gyaru beginners ★彡I swear from now on, I'm NOT going anywhere without Canmake's Glow Fleur Cheek >.<

*... ~  ~ ...*

If you've read my blogpost all the way to this point, I have some good news for my lovely Singaporean readers(≧∇≦)You can get this blusher now for FREE! Yes FREE!!

Please continue reading for event details... I'll be there on the 24th :)

Hope to see you all there! 

September 18, 2016

ADV: Luxury babe 148 contact lens

(This is part 2 of the advert from last week)

The 2nd pair of lens sponsored by @thesg.lens is Luxury 148 brown! Pictures below are unedited, so that you can see the actual colour of the lens. Omg I just realised the heart I added on my face are all stacked up at the bottom of the picture... ohno I'm so blur... but I'm too lazy to redo :(

My mom say she looks bad in the photo so tadah! I added a bling-bling star 

I don't know why the above picture looks sooo BLUE. Look at some of my edits hehe Which is the nicest? I can never make up my mind on things like this .__.

Luxury 148 Brown
Comfort: 10/10
Natural: 4/10
Enlarging effect: 8/10
Colour: Brown tint is almost Yellow. I was actually inspired by the yellowish-brown lens from the contact lens advertisements in Ageha magazines

Each pair is only $5.50!
Instocks with degree are available in @thesg.lens now. Batch 11 orders will open on 1st October.

Remember to quote <AIMIKYOTO> for free normal mail★彡

Aneageha scans ~ Eye Makeup

Scans from 2016 August Aneageha ~ I've subscribed to Aneageha magazines and subscription is not free... which means... you all better appreciate it! nyahaha 

Feel free to request for scans (makeup, fashion, hair, or anything you're interested in) 

September 15, 2016

Winnie plays the piano ♪ ♫

I'm sooo excited to share with you all the video of my piano performance from the Paganini Lost and Found concert! (link referred to my first blog post) 

Thank you to those who came down to support me or watch the concert  The concert was a success and I'm so happy with my piano progress so far... So blessed to be given such an amazing opportunity to perform too 

I rarely talk about my piano studies on social media platforms, but I feel this isn't right because piano has been a huge part of my life ever since I've started learning it 13 years ago. It has impacted so much of my life decisions that all along, my only future in mind is to become a pianist ♪ 

For now, I'm studying piano with my amazing piano teacher under NAFA School of young talents. I'm not a full-time NAFA student because I haven't taken my A levels... Nevertheless, I'm immensely thankful for everything I'm blessed with- for having a brilliant teacher and a great learning environment!

Here's my performance (no makeup, barefaced hahaha) The piece I performed was a 20th century work by an American composer, so it may be difficult for non-musicians to appreciate the work.

Link can also be found here:


Enjoy! ♫ And feel free to give me feedbacks! This is the spirit of KAIZEN yeah 

September 13, 2016

TUTORIAL: Get glossy & full lips in 2 steps

((I will try to update at least once/twice per week so that I won't neglect my blog))

Gyarus have been wearing glossy pale lips for many years since the start of Gyaru. Look at Gyaru mama Tsubasa Masuwaka! Her lips are in a super light nude shade. And very glossy!

Western makeup is all about full and voluminous lips like Kylie Jenner's, and this trend has influenced Gyaru makeup too. Hot pink/ red shades are the the big thing in gyaru makeup now  The aim is to look like a DOLL.

(I think Tsubasa looks prettier with red lips hehe. She's the girl on the left)

The huge lip difference between gyarus & the west is texture. Matte lips is a trend in Western makeup, but a huge NO to gyaru makeup... Gyaru makeup is all about Super. Glossy. Lips

Now to my trick to achieve Gyaru lips in 2 steps ♪


Step 1:

Use lip Balm generously. Choose a TINTED lip balm that gives you the reddest/ pinkiest shade. My favourite lip balm is LipIce Strawberry.

Step 2:

Apply your favourite lipgloss as usual. And you're all done! *\(^o^)/*


The lip balm is soo important I cannot overemphasize it. The tint that the lip balm gives you will act as a base colour to your lips, so you don't have to apply any lipstick under your lipgloss.

My before & after picture: from 50%-gyaru to 100%-gyaru! ❤ 
 (bad photo angle but...make my face looks small haha)

Tip: When you touch up your makeup, don't forget to touch up your lip balm first before reapplying your lip gloss. Otherwise you'll get CHAPPY lips which is just... EW (>人<;)

September 10, 2016

Gyaru Contact Lens & Luxury babe 78 review

During my trips to Japan, I've noticed that all of the circle lens sold there are brown! (Ok maybe it's  95%) Yes they do have a HUGE variety of over 50 designs per shop, but it's really difficult to pick your favourite when all the designs are so pretty... And all in brown(苦笑)

From light to dark brown... but still brown!!

At first I thought blue/green/ other coloured lens are not fashionable in Japan. Then one day (while I was stalking Satomin haha), I came across this report:

Recently, @thesg.lens (Instagram) have kindly sponsored me 2 pairs of contact lens 
I purposely picked 2 very different shades of brown: Luxury 78 & Luxury 148

Luxury 78 Brown (MY FAVOURITE! I've bought 3 pairs of Lux 78 before, so this is my 4th pair!) 
Comfort: 10/10
Natural: 8/10 (Can wear to school? Probably yes)
Enlarging effect: 7/10
Colour: Brown tint is obvious even on black irises (mine are black/dark brown). The brown portion of the lens is quite opaque, so it will turn the your black iris to brown.

Each pair is only $5.50!
Instocks with degree are available in @thesg.lens now. Batch 11 orders will open on 1st October.

Remember to quote <AIMIKYOTO> for free normal mail★彡

September 9, 2016

ADV: Fairboy

FAIRBOY has kindly sent me a shirt last week. Thank you FAIRBOY !

Front & back view of the shirt. By the way, I took this photo at the 88th storey of New York's Empire State Building! The scenery there is ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING 

And then when you decide to look at the picture carefully, you will notice that not-so-obvious shadow behind me. Sighpie should have paid attention to the Adobe Photoshop lessons during Sec 1... Otherwise I would have photoshopped away that shadow ._.

I chose the BEAST T design because of the attractive design at the back. Looks like some Mandala or Henna right ☆*:.

Every piece from FAIRBOY is specially designed, including their bracelets, watches, & pullovers. They're having SALE now too \(^o^)/