September 18, 2016

ADV: Luxury babe 148 contact lens

(This is part 2 of the advert from last week)

The 2nd pair of lens sponsored by @thesg.lens is Luxury 148 brown! Pictures below are unedited, so that you can see the actual colour of the lens. Omg I just realised the heart I added on my face are all stacked up at the bottom of the picture... ohno I'm so blur... but I'm too lazy to redo :(

My mom say she looks bad in the photo so tadah! I added a bling-bling star 

I don't know why the above picture looks sooo BLUE. Look at some of my edits hehe Which is the nicest? I can never make up my mind on things like this .__.

Luxury 148 Brown
Comfort: 10/10
Natural: 4/10
Enlarging effect: 8/10
Colour: Brown tint is almost Yellow. I was actually inspired by the yellowish-brown lens from the contact lens advertisements in Ageha magazines

Each pair is only $5.50!
Instocks with degree are available in @thesg.lens now. Batch 11 orders will open on 1st October.

Remember to quote <AIMIKYOTO> for free normal mail★彡


  1. Hello kawaii!
    You're so cute and pretty!! I love this lenses! They are so pretty on you :D

    I'm a new reader here, maybe we can follow each other?
    My blog:

    1. Hi Magiiical Kitty!! Aww you're so sweet ❤ You flatter me hehe
      I've just followed you :D Your blog is so kawaii ~ And you're really pretty >.<

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  3. All very nice hahaha :) mm I think 2nd from the bottom 😊😍

  4. Hi!
    I really like the look of those lenses! You're really pretty :) Your blog is very interesting, and the layout is beautiful! ^^

    1. Hi beautiful! Thank you for your compliments >.< I love your blog too! I've just followed your blog, looking forward for your next blogpost ❤ ~

  5. Wooow you are sooo preettyyy :D Omg those lenses are awesome and they look so good on you. You're so beautiful!! And I am so glad to come across this blog because I love your design. Your blog is amazing.

    Ps: I want to follow you but I am not sure how? x)

    1. Aww This means a lot to me... Thank you lovely! I've just added a follower button on my blog. You can find it somewhere at the right column of my blog :D I've just followed your blog too! ❤

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