September 9, 2016

ADV: Fairboy

FAIRBOY has kindly sent me a shirt last week. Thank you FAIRBOY !

Front & back view of the shirt. By the way, I took this photo at the 88th storey of New York's Empire State Building! The scenery there is ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING 

And then when you decide to look at the picture carefully, you will notice that not-so-obvious shadow behind me. Sighpie should have paid attention to the Adobe Photoshop lessons during Sec 1... Otherwise I would have photoshopped away that shadow ._.

I chose the BEAST T design because of the attractive design at the back. Looks like some Mandala or Henna right ☆*:.

Every piece from FAIRBOY is specially designed, including their bracelets, watches, & pullovers. They're having SALE now too \(^o^)/

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