September 10, 2016

Gyaru Contact Lens & Luxury babe 78 review

During my trips to Japan, I've noticed that all of the circle lens sold there are brown! (Ok maybe it's  95%) Yes they do have a HUGE variety of over 50 designs per shop, but it's really difficult to pick your favourite when all the designs are so pretty... And all in brown(苦笑)

From light to dark brown... but still brown!!

At first I thought blue/green/ other coloured lens are not fashionable in Japan. Then one day (while I was stalking Satomin haha), I came across this report:

Recently, @thesg.lens (Instagram) have kindly sponsored me 2 pairs of contact lens 
I purposely picked 2 very different shades of brown: Luxury 78 & Luxury 148

Luxury 78 Brown (MY FAVOURITE! I've bought 3 pairs of Lux 78 before, so this is my 4th pair!) 
Comfort: 10/10
Natural: 8/10 (Can wear to school? Probably yes)
Enlarging effect: 7/10
Colour: Brown tint is obvious even on black irises (mine are black/dark brown). The brown portion of the lens is quite opaque, so it will turn the your black iris to brown.

Each pair is only $5.50!
Instocks with degree are available in @thesg.lens now. Batch 11 orders will open on 1st October.

Remember to quote <AIMIKYOTO> for free normal mail★彡

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