September 13, 2016

TUTORIAL: Get glossy & full lips in 2 steps

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Gyarus have been wearing glossy pale lips for many years since the start of Gyaru. Look at Gyaru mama Tsubasa Masuwaka! Her lips are in a super light nude shade. And very glossy!

Western makeup is all about full and voluminous lips like Kylie Jenner's, and this trend has influenced Gyaru makeup too. Hot pink/ red shades are the the big thing in gyaru makeup now  The aim is to look like a DOLL.

(I think Tsubasa looks prettier with red lips hehe. She's the girl on the left)

The huge lip difference between gyarus & the west is texture. Matte lips is a trend in Western makeup, but a huge NO to gyaru makeup... Gyaru makeup is all about Super. Glossy. Lips

Now to my trick to achieve Gyaru lips in 2 steps ♪


Step 1:

Use lip Balm generously. Choose a TINTED lip balm that gives you the reddest/ pinkiest shade. My favourite lip balm is LipIce Strawberry.

Step 2:

Apply your favourite lipgloss as usual. And you're all done! *\(^o^)/*


The lip balm is soo important I cannot overemphasize it. The tint that the lip balm gives you will act as a base colour to your lips, so you don't have to apply any lipstick under your lipgloss.

My before & after picture: from 50%-gyaru to 100%-gyaru! ❤ 
 (bad photo angle but...make my face looks small haha)

Tip: When you touch up your makeup, don't forget to touch up your lip balm first before reapplying your lip gloss. Otherwise you'll get CHAPPY lips which is just... EW (>人<;)

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