October 7, 2016

Purikura in Tokyo & Kyoto (PART 1)

Purikura (プリクラ) is the same as Neoprints, but let's say Purikuraaa because it sounds so much more kawaii than Neoprints! By the way just some knowledge, in Japanese, the "R" is pronounced as "L". That means Purikura is pronounced as "Pool-lee-cool-lah".

I really miss taking Purikuras in Japan 😭 Let me do some ranting. In Singapore, the only place where you can find a few Purikura booths is SCAPE. Not to mention the AWFUL quality of the outdated machines... The photos make you look so bad and so tanned. I remembered the first (and LAST) time I went, I picked the fairest skin tone but it turns out even darker than my original skin tone. Yikes! Plus, it's sooo expensive. $12 is OK if the photo is nice, but the photo is HORRENDOUSLY UGLY 😡

In Japan, you don't have to worry about the quality at all 👌 Look at how complicated the machine looks! That's a good thing because complicated = more kawaii stamps 💖

This is the first purikura on my 1st day in Tokyo for this year's trip. My least favourite because somehow the edits seem more Korean than Japanese...  We were shopping in Shibuya109 and I was  frantically finding Purikura shops because I was so frigging excited to take one. We ended up in this shop which has many booths but the booths are exactly the same (LOL!) But me being Winnie, "NEVERMIND QUICK LETS TAKE" 

We visited Sanrio Puroland on Day 2! The place is Heaven to me because I'm such a BIG Sanrio fan! My favourite characters are Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Charmy Kitty ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

There's a free Neoprint machine in Sanrio Puroland. You'll only have to pay if you want your photos to be printed but I think my phone takes pretty decent photos hmm 😎

Purikuras in Japan have video purikuras too! 
Its a pity these videos can only be sent to Japanese phones.

Last year, I've taken USAGI 1. This year, it's USAGI 2! A Fine Tip: Find USAGI photo booths if you ever go to a purikura shop in Japan. USAGI booths are quite popular so you should find them in Harajuku and some big arcades (Such as the one in Ikebukuro)

I've really made a commitment to take at least one purikura per day 😌. I told my mom about it and initially she was like "yea sure sure". But when she was in Japan, she got VERY pissed with me because I took more than 1 purikura per day and I'll spend about an hour to edit the purikuras... (guilty 😥)

These are part of my collection of purikuras from this year's trip to Tokyo. (Check out my Gyaru nails , so pretty right 💅!)

After Tokyo, we flew to Kyoto and we were soo lucky to live in a hotel right beside the arcade! The best thing is, that arcade has an extremely BIG section just for purikura booths! 😊 They even have many dressing tables equipped with mirrors and curling irons to get you ready before your *ahem ahem* super model photoshoot

 I'm so happy to find a purikura booth with my favourite BARBIE theme 💕💞💓💗💖 I took one myself and one with my mom.

I'm actually writing this blogpost in school because I've finished my work much quicker than I've expected 😇 These are all the pictures from my computer but there's so much more at home. Especially the Barbie ones! I'll update them in PART 2 ~

As you can see, I'm so desparate to recreate the kawaii puri look that I've pretty much became a purikura edit master. Look at my desperate attempts...

Even in Snapchat... Kawaii cannot be compromised

Can you spot my favourite? It's the one in my Instagram profile picture hehe

Let's end this post with a kawaii photo taken in the toilet near the purikura booths 😆 Even the toilet is filled with purikura posters! But the toilet itself is not very kawaii... That's why I need to unleash my kawaii-purikura-edit talent 👸🏼

You've made through this long post! Thank you for reading ✨👑 Stay tune to Part 2 ~ 


  1. aww kawaii as usual.. waiting for part.2 ^^~


    1. Aww thank you for reading my blog! ^^

  2. Aww, that's so adorable! I hope I'll be able to try Purikura one day too, sadly it's not really a thing in Europe (though when I lived in London I heard there was a Purikura machine somewhere, but I never got to try it out :c)

    1. Yes you should definitely try Purikura one day! You'll look so kawaii in Purikura with your lovely doll-like features! 💞💓