November 19, 2016

Bangkok Day 1

Finally I'm able to blog!! For the past few days, I had to put ice packs on my eyes continuously but its day 5 since my blepharoplasty surgery, so now its ok. Just called my clinic just now and my doctor said I can go out to shop! Yesss finally... I've been waiting for this day for really long LOL 😓 You don't know how boring it is to stay in the same hotel room 24/7 for 5 days without being able to see anything 😫... which means no using laptop or watching TV 😫

This is my 2nd trip to BKK (the last was 4 years back!) and I was super excited because omg, i mean why not when you know you're gonna toss away all those irritating double eyelid tapes 😅 (Those of you who don't know yet, I came to BKK for my blepharoplasty surgery, or double eyelid surgery). I'll be blogging day by day now.

We took Singapore airlines to BKK - 2 hours flight. All the while I've been taking Cathay (because cheaper hahaha) but this time SQ is cheaper. It was raining, which adds on to the gloomy service and food onboard. I'm really disappointed...

I mean look at the food, so unappetising 😷 OK the picture looks pretty yummy, but the fish was so dry, and the pasta had no sauce. Even 7-11 provides better packed food! Plus, they don't even serve ice cream for deserts. Not to mention the bad service onboard. The last time I took SQ a few years back was wayyy better. Singapore airlines, please improve yourselves ✋

Day 1 was actually just a lepak day. Check in hotel.. Shop around etc. We stayed in AETAS Lumpini hotel and it was awesome!!! The toilet is just fab 😌

My mom- "Why you take picture of me" 

"But first, let me draw my eyebrows" 

The essential bathtub photo + step model

After checking in, we went to Silom for dinner. Our hotel was located just 2 minutes away from Lumpini train station, and Silom is just 1 stop away. Super convenient!!

That's it for Day 1! Ended the day with a nice bubble bath at night because after my surgery, my eyes can't touch water for 10 days 😅

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  1. Ahh, that looks like fun *-* You look so cute in the photos too!