November 1, 2016

Walk like a Shibuya girl

You must be wondering, what is this blog post all about? How can you WALK like a Shibuya girl? 😅

I don't know if I'm the only one who have realised it... There's this very subtle elegance in the Shibuya girls, which make them seem even more confident and charming. It's their actions and body postures that adds on to their already attractive physical appearance 💖

When you see a pretty & confident lady  in Tokyo, you would immediately know she's a SHIBUYA GIRL. Who are the Shibuya girls?

They are the Japanese girls who dress fashionably to the pop culture. You can spot them easily in Shibuya & Harajuku in their sky-high heels & dyed hair (Often curled to perfection 😱). The below picture is a magazine scan...  she's a model but a typical Shibuya girl looks more or less like her! 😲

Their favourite hang out places are Shibuya109 and all the Purikura shops. Well you can say that they're Gyarus, but what makes them true Shibuya girls are their WOMAN CONFIDENCE!!

Enough babbling. I shall expose their top secret now 😌

Walking posture (See picture below)
1. Walk straight and try not to bend your knees. This is very important!!
2. Straighten your back
3. Place your gravity to the back while walking (so you won't lean forward)

Standing posture (when queuing up, waiting for traffic light etc)
1. Either stand straight
2. Or cross your leg in an X
3. Try not to bend your knees or rest your weight on 1 leg (although it's very comfortable)

The rest of the pictures are pretty self-explanatory.

Yea it's easy to forget all these! But starting slow and making it to a habit is a sure good thing. The walking posture is especially useful when you're in a rush, because I've realised that if you don't bend your knees, you can walk really quick!! 👍🏻 No wonder Japanese girls can walk to quickly even in heels haha..

Actually I personally don't take note of my walking posture when I'm wearing flats or in school. And I tend to slouch when I walk in school.... I think it only makes sense when you do this with your heels to UPP your Shibuya girl level 💁

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  1. Thank you for the tips! They're really helpful, I'll try my best to remember them :D Especially when I'm walking at school, because on Monday mornings I tend to drag myself around rather than walk >->