December 6, 2016

Double eyelid surgery in Bangkok PART 4

Can't wait to wear my makeup and contact lens on 8 December hahaha it's the holy date!!!

Some of you have asked me questions regarding my procedures done in Bangkok... Hope these answers will come in handy to those who're looking into eyelid surgery! 😌

Q1. Why incision method instead of the sewing method (suture)?

Incision Pros - permanent double eyelids

Incision Cons - bigger surgery and longer surgery time (around 1-2 hours), longer recovery time (3-6 months to achieve best results), more costly (around $1000 SGD), harder to achieve assymetrical results (which means you have to pick your surgeon more carefully because incision method is irreversible)

Suture Pros - reversible surgery, cheaper ( around $200-$600 SGD), shorter recovery time (can wear contact lens/makeup after a few days), easier to achieve the eyelids you want

Suture Cons - temporary double eyelids (2-15 years depending on skills of surgeon and individual's activities), risk of accidents when thread breaks

From here, it may seem like the suture method is better. It really depends on your individual weighing of each pro/con. For me, I wear contact lens almost everyday which means if I go for suture method, the thread will get loose very quickly, maybe in 5 years time. This means that after 5 years, I'll have to go back to get my double eyelid done again. If I keep going back, the total cost will be much more than the incision method... and I really wanted some permanent work to my eyes.

 I did a year of research on which surgeons/ clinics because if I go for incision, the results are permanent. If I picked the wrong surgeon, that's it for me LOL. Always remember!!  A well informed patient is a safe patient!! (My mantra hahaha)

You should also make sure you have sufficient time for recovery after the surgery (I'm having school holidays so I have one and a half month of rest). The eyes will usually be swollen for 2 weeks, but you must get ample rest especially for the first week.

Q2. How much is your surgery?

Epicanthoplasty + Blepharoplasty: 48600 baht
Canthoplasty: 32000 baht

You need to make 50% deposit prior your surgery to confirm the surgery & consultation dates. Just a note, my clinic usually do epicanthoplasty + blepharoplasty together. Somehow comes like a set/package.

Q3. How painful was it?

5-6. Anaesthesia was 6-7, just after surgery the soreness was around 5.

December 2, 2016

Double eyelid surgery in Bangkok PART 3

Hello! I'm writing this post on day 18 and recovery is like 💨💨

(What was I doing with my hand LOL) this is day 2 morning from my surgery...

And this was day 12 or 13 (after removing the stitches!!)

I was actually quite dumb 😪 I didn't read the instructions carefully enough and thought I had to put ice pack on my eyes all the way till I remove my stitches, which was on day 10. On day 6, a tiny part of the stitches went into my eye (I think I put too much ice pack on my eye 😅) and it was irritating and itchy. The same feeling you get when your eyelash inside your eye but you can't remove it...

I went back to the clinic to get it removed, and 顺便 ask more questions. Then my doctor told me the ice packs only for 3 days!!!!! 😩 It also explains why I started to get some yellowish bruising from day 4 onwards because of the lack of blood circulation to my eyes.

The rest of the days till day 10, I went shopping around but with my cap 😎 I love this cap so much!! It's my Bangkok BFF 👭

And look what I found!!!! So cute!!!! 😍 (fyi this bag was not from the kids section!! Which made it even more special!!!) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The food in Bangkok was so affordable too! This meal below costed us around $23 SGD!! And its @Siam Paragon (The restaurant environment was super atas and the service was awesome!!) In Singapore, $23 probably for only 1 plate of ribs 😫

By right I should be eating healthy to speed up my recovery. We had salads for most of the meals but towards the end of the trip I became more don't-care HAHA  

At night when we got back to our hotel, I nothing much to do so I kept imagining how I would look like with contacts and makeup 🌝 Look at my pathetic edit...