December 2, 2016

Double eyelid surgery in Bangkok PART 3

Hello! I'm writing this post on day 18 and recovery is like πŸ’¨πŸ’¨

(What was I doing with my hand LOL) this is day 2 morning from my surgery...

And this was day 12 or 13 (after removing the stitches!!)

I was actually quite dumb πŸ˜ͺ I didn't read the instructions carefully enough and thought I had to put ice pack on my eyes all the way till I remove my stitches, which was on day 10. On day 6, a tiny part of the stitches went into my eye (I think I put too much ice pack on my eye πŸ˜…) and it was irritating and itchy. The same feeling you get when your eyelash inside your eye but you can't remove it...

I went back to the clinic to get it removed, and 鑺便 ask more questions. Then my doctor told me the ice packs only for 3 days!!!!! 😩 It also explains why I started to get some yellowish bruising from day 4 onwards because of the lack of blood circulation to my eyes.

The rest of the days till day 10, I went shopping around but with my cap 😎 I love this cap so much!! It's my Bangkok BFF πŸ‘­

And look what I found!!!! So cute!!!! 😍 (fyi this bag was not from the kids section!! Which made it even more special!!!) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The food in Bangkok was so affordable too! This meal below costed us around $23 SGD!! And its @Siam Paragon (The restaurant environment was super atas and the service was awesome!!) In Singapore, $23 probably for only 1 plate of ribs 😫

By right I should be eating healthy to speed up my recovery. We had salads for most of the meals but towards the end of the trip I became more don't-care HAHA  

At night when we got back to our hotel, I nothing much to do so I kept imagining how I would look like with contacts and makeup 🌝 Look at my pathetic edit...


  1. You look so different *-* The double eyelid suits you, you look so cute with it ^^ *~

    1. Thank you so much <3 You're so sweet!!