December 27, 2017

BOTOX & MESO FAT at Lovely Eye Clinic in Bangkok

As mentioned from my previous blog post, I visited Lovely Eye clinic for a check up of my double eyelid surgery which I did last year. Dr Roungkaw was pleased with my blog posts (which were not sponsored) and she gave me some treatments for free to thank me!! 😮  Thank you Dr Roungkaw for being so kind!!

Dr Roungkaw evaluated my face and said the issue with my face is too much fat, especially at my cheeks and double chin/neck area. I grew up with a chubby face and I thought puberty would do some magic to my baby fats but sadly it didn't 😟  My face shape is also pretty squarish because of my strong jaw muscles.

I've done Botox on my jaw muscles and threadlift for my face in Singapore last year and it costed me a freaking $2400 SGD! The results were good but Threadlift and botox are all temporary. Normally Botox will last for only 6 months, and threadlift for 1 year. Threadlift lifts the fats and muscles by pulling your whole face up and locking the threads at your temples. Although it created a V shape for my face, the fats in my face are still there!! 😟  To make the fats disappear forever, Dr Roungkaw suggested that I should do Mesofat + Botox.

What does Botox do: Botox on jaw paralyses your jaw muscles so it becomes smaller. Sometimes we don't know if a big jaw is caused by a square jaw bone big jaw muscles. So how do you know? Clench your teeth with your mouth open, and if you feel a small bulge of muscle at your jaw area, it means you need botox.

What does Mesofat do: Makes your fat vanish!!!! The fats will be gone forever, which means unless you gain weight again, Mesofat is PERMANENT! Even if you gain a little weight in the future, chances that the weight gain goes to your face and not to other body parts are fairly low.

How does Mesofat works: Injection of some ?? liquid into your face. I did Mesofat on my lower cheeks and neck/double chin area. Results will be seen in 10 days.

The clinic staffs brought me to the back of the clinic where the individual comfortable recliners are surrounded by curtains. That's the area where Lovely eye clinic does all their skin treatments.

Many of you may think that for the same treatment, for example a botox injection, done on an area will produce the same result as long as the amount of botox administrated is the same. WRONG 😉  The skills of the doctor is VERY important!! Same treatment + different doctor = different results

In fact, Lovely eye clinic is actually "Lovely eye and skin clinic". Which means the clinic also specialises on skin treatments! Although these treatments are kindly done for me for free, the actual price is still WAY cheaper than Singapore... even if you add the price of hotel and Singapore airline tickets it's still cheaper! Let me tell you a little secret - you can't find Mesofat in Singapore anyway... 😎

This is my face before the Mesofat and botox. You can see the fatty bulge on my lower cheeks, and my double chin when I look down at my toes 😞  The areas I'll be doing: Mesofat on lower cheeks + Mesofat on double Chin area + botox on jaw muscles.

MY DOUBLE CHIN YUCKS!!! I look like a hippopotamus *sobs*

Dr Roungkaw was the one who does the treatments phew 😌  (Not like some other clinics who ask their inexperienced Nurses or staffs to do the treatments *cough cough* ). A staff in Lovely eye clinic helped me remove my makeup on the injected area. She kept cleaning my face and neck with makeup remover, water and alcohol over and over again to make sure it's squeaky clean and bacteria free. Points for being so OCD hygienic haha 😂  On the comfortable recliner waiting...

There was a staff beside who kept using ice packs to numb the area of injections. The ice pack was super hard and frozen, which completely numbed my skin and the muscle underneath. They didn't inject any anaesthesia or put any numbing cream on my face but surprisingly there was no pain at all!

The Mesofat was about 5-6 injections on each side. Dr Roungkaw pinched and injected the fatty areas including my lower cheeks, some fats near the sides of my mouth, and on my double Chin area. The botox consisted of 1 injection on each side. Each injection was about 1 second long, so really it wasn't painful at all. The whole procedure took no longer than 5 minutes.

After the procedure, my face is a little swollen but don't worry be happy! Lovely Eye clinic gave me a mask so I can protect the injected areas from dust and also hide my partially swollen face 😷

The swelling of the face will go away in a day. To reduce swelling, drink more water and use ice packs if you have at home. I didn't use any ice packs as the swelling wasn't really obvious.

I took the pictures exactly 10 days later for comparison and LOOK! I'm VERY impressed!!! 😱 My double chin is gone!!!! 😱 😱

Aren't you impressed too?? 😱 It's been a month already and the fats have not returned! Thank you so much Lovely eye clinic! Feel free to email me for any enquiries and I will reply within a few days:

 Below are the contacts of Lovely eye clinic. If you wanna contact them, I advise contacting them through LINE. The account ID includes the "@" symbol.

Lovely Eye By Dr.Roungkaw Clinic
2nd Floor PARKLANE Ekkamai
Open: Open: 8.00-20.00 (daily)
Call: (+66) 2382 0045
Line: @Lovelyeye
International Consult:
Instagram: Lovely Eye and Skin

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