December 9, 2017

Double eyelid surgery in Bangkok PART 5 - UPDATE after 1 year

Hi everyone! I'm back to blogging! I've just completed my A level exams a week ago and I flew to Bangkok immediately after my last exam 😆  Today, I went back to Lovely Eye clinic to do a check up of my eyelid surgery. I've done my double eyelid surgery + lateral canthoplasty in Lovely Eye clinic exactly a year ago. Read about the blog posts here:  

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I was SO excited to visit Lovely Eye clinic after not visiting the clinic for a year!! Last year, I stayed in Bangkok for only 14 days (removed my stitches on Day 10). Unlike the local Thai people who are able to visit the clinic for follow ups, I couldn't continue my follow up check ups. Fortunately and luckily for me, my eyelid surgery turned out just as well as I've expected. Dr. Roungkaw and the admin also emailed me a couple of times to make sure I was recovering well. 😌

The clinic looks just as clean and modern as it looked a year ago, but with many many more customers... I didn't take a picture of the clinic this time but there were so many customers waiting to see Dr. Roungkaw for consultation and surgery. There's also quite a few foreign customers. I have no idea why but I felt so HAPPY 😝  More customers = good business = I chose the right doctor 👍 

There were many more new staffs working there and most are able to speak English fluently. The staffs ushered me into a room and took some pictures of me. Guess they will be uploading them on their website 😂 After that, I finally got to meet Dr. Roungkaw! She still look as young and pretty 😍   She did a simple measurement of my eyelid crease for the check up. 

As you know, the blog posts I did last year were NOT sponsored. I wrote them solely on my own interest but unexpectedly, I received many messages and questions about the surgery. I am so glad to know that my blog posts have helped many of you all who are interested in going for the double eyelid surgery too!😄  Dr. Roungkaw said my blog posts had a positive impact on their business and she wanna give me some free treatments as a gesture of appreciation. She is really really VERY KIND!! I'll talk about the treatments in my next blog post, as this post is mainly about updating my double eyelid surgery. Again, this blog post is NOT SPONSORED 😉 😌

Overall, I am very satisfied and happy with the results! Especially my Lateral Canthoplasty - I remember reading Xiaxue blog (or was it her video?) about her lateral canthoplasty and she was complaining about how ineffective it was. She said her eyes only extended for 1-2mm, and her eyes looked the same after the surgery. I didn't expect much results from my canthoplasty, but DAMN!! I can really see a huge difference in the length of my eyes 😱  

The scar has also healed very well YAY! The scar was still red after about 6 months and I was quite worried initially. After doing some research, I realised that the reason for my red scar is because I used an Oil Based makeup remover. When I changed to a non oil-based makeup remover (Bioderma), the scar completely disappeared within 2 weeks. Not kidding!! 

Lovely Eye clinic gave me a scar cream which I applied every day but other than that cream, I didn't use any other additional cream or lotion. The video above was taken in May (5 months post surgery) and the scar has completely disappeared. Yea my scar should be able to disappear much earlier if I knew about the makeup remover thing 😫

Here are the picture updates of my eyes after a year. The height of the eyelid has decreased gradually over the year.. the final height reached after about 6 months. Of course, it may be because the height of my crease is VERY high (9mm, which is the maximum height for my eyes). Hence, the change in the height of the double eyelid crease is more dramatic and swelling is more too. However after about 3 months, the changes in the height of the double eyelid are minimal.

PS. From the month of June 2017 onwards, I also started doing eyelash extensions, which explains why my eyelid crease may look a little smaller. 

December 2016

No makeup

January 2017

Febraury 2017

March 2017

no makeup

April 2017

no makeup

no makeup

May 2017
no makeup

June 2017

July 2017

August 2017

September 2017
no makeup

October 2017

November 2017

no makeup

December 2017

Some FAQ: 

1. Where is the clinic located? Is it convenient? 

I recommend to buy a SIM card from the airport in your country or Bangkok airport. Buy the AIX SIM card! ($15 from Singapore Changi Airport, Changi Recommends). There's 7 days of free internet and most importantly, you get a Thailand number so you can use GrabTaxi or Uber. Last year I didn't have a Thailand number and the taxi had a pretty hard time finding the place. GRABTAXI IS A LIFE SAVER 😇

The clinic is located in an area called PARK LANE. This area has some other clinics, many restaurants (Omurice is my favourite!), and a supermarket with many Thai food. 

2. Can you wash your face and hair after surgery? 

You cannot wet the stitch and your eye area before stitch removal. It's not easy to wash your face without wetting your stitch, so I advise bringing facial wipes. I use Simple facial wipes and it's really convenient! It kept me acne free for 10 days before the stitch removal 😄 For your eyes area, Lovely Eye clinic will give you a bottle of alcohol eye cleanser to clean your eyes. 

I didn't wash my hair as it's hard to wash without water accidentally touching your eyes. Bangkok is not humid and I didn't sweat at all, so my hair still felt pretty OK! Some people go to the salon to wash their hair but I didn't as I was afraid the salon people might carelessly touch the stitches with water 😓 This may cause infection. 

However, you can bathe! I bathed in the bathtub with my hair covered in the shower cap. I think choosing a hotel with a bathtub is so much more convenient 👍

3. What to bring? 

  • Facial wipes (as mentioned above)
  • Cap/sunglasses/ spectacles to protect your eyes from dust)
  • Some pictures of your desired eyelids/ eyelid height /shape
  • Thermometer 
  • Your identification for the surgery 
  • Cotton buds (to remove eyes shit)
  • Loose and comfortable clothes
  • Ice packs (big enough to cover both eyes) 
  • Cotton gauze (to put on the ice packs before placing the ice packs on your eyes). Make sure these are gauze that will not stick to your wound. You can buy them from any pharmacy.

4. Is stitch removal painful? 

No. You'll just feel light tugs but not painful! Mine is done by the staff in Lovely Eye clinic. If you can't wait for 10 days, Singapore also provides stitch removal services. 

5. How to prepare for surgery? (Pre operative care) 

  • Prepare the pictures you wanna show to the doctor 
  • Don't wear nail polish, contact lens, Jewellery, or any hair accessories. If you wear them on the day of surgery, i suggest bringing a pouch to keep them (or contact lens case) 
  • Stock up your fridge with some ice packs so they're cold enough to be used when you get back to the hotel 
  • Wear clothes that can be easily removed (clothes that don't need to be pulled over head) 

5. What should I not eat / not eat after  surgery? 

The clinic will give you a paper with some post operative instructions. I'm not sure if they have any additional information since last year, but I'm listing down what I know so you can prepare 😌  I've also added some other food into the list which I've collated from researching. 

Advil, Motrin, Naproxen, Aleve, and aspirin 
Poultry (chicken)
Fish & seafood
Fermented beans & food 
Too salty/fatty/sweet food as it will result in water retention and more swelling 
Coffee / caffeine 
Chinese dark sauces (no idea why) 
Vitamin C 
Hormones pills & any Chinese herbs 
Green tea 
Fish oil
Ginko nuts 
Reduce garlic and ginger intake 

Fruits & vegtables (Food with Fiber) to ease constipation from the medications 
Some meat you can eat: beef, pork, lamb
Drink lots of water!!  
Drink pineapple juice (contains Bromelain, effective in reducing swelling.)

6. What should I do / not do after surgery? 

Walk around to promote blood circulation and minimise swelling 
Relax! Don't worry about the unevenness of the eyelids! 
Walk  asap to reduce swelling 
Cold ice packs / eye compresses 
Spend most of your time upright while awake, to alleviate swelling 
Sleep with 2 pillows for at least 1-2 weeks (head must be elevated) 
Wear sunglasses or spectacles to protect from sun, wind, dust 
Wear cap after surgery 
Walk, drink fluids regularly, eat raw fruits, to minimise constipation 
If you really can't stand unwashed hair, Wash hair by cleaning with wet paper towel 

Exercise after about 1 month 
Lift heavy things
Strenuous activities after 2 weeks 
Read / watch TV /computer only after 3 days (as it may tire your eyes) 
Contact lens at least 4 weeks 
Smile/ yawn / talking/ chewing (facial expressions)  for 7 days 
Activities that raise blood pressure 
Strain when pooping
Resume normal activities GRADUALLY after 7-14 days 
Rub/ stretch eyes 
Makeup at incision line after 4 weeks
Tweeze eyebrows  

That's the end of this blog post! Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding the surgery because I LOVE Lovely Eye Clinic and I will be more than happy to help yall. I understand the struggles of unanswered questions hahaha 
😅  ( Message me on my instagram @aimikyoto or @aimikyotox )

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