February 26, 2018

Plastic surgery in Bangkok - Buccal Fat Removal at HERS CLINIC (Part 3)

Today is Day 19 since my buccal fat removal and it is healing extremely well! The swelling has completely subsided and my cheeks are so much slimmer now 😱 The only thing I feel regret is... WHY DIDN'T I DO EARLIER?! 😭

The photo on the left was taken on the day before my surgery and the one on the right is 19 days after the surgery. Both photos are not edited 👌 In fact, the left photo was taken with my ZR3500 so there's some beauty effect... the right photo is a raw untouched photo taken with my iphone. But look at the difference!!! I feel so much more confident about myself now 😎

The recovery process was very easy too 😁 My cheeks were kinda swollen for the first few days but people around me couldn't tell they were swollen. If I kept my mouth shut, nobody would even know I did a buccal fat removal surgery. I rested at home for 2-3 days and started going out with my full makeup on the 3rd day. And nobody could tell! My brother didn't even know I did the surgery 😂

Dr Joe said that the best final results should be seen after 1-3 months, but by Day 10 both of my cheeks were about the same size. I think that 85% of the results are shown by Day 10, but the 15% comes gradually after that. Ps: If you've read part 1 and 2 of my blog posts, you would know that my left cheek was initially MUCH bigger than the right

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Better comparison photos with same background and lighting:

Tips for recovery:

1. Sleep with your head elevated for about 1 week
2. Finish all your medicine that was prescribed by the doctor. Don't take the painkillers if you don't feel any pain. I didn't even take 1 painkiller 😂
3. Use ice packs for 3 days, and hot packs for the 4th-7th days. Use them for 20 minutes every waking hour. I didn't use hot pack because it was kinda troublesome haha
4. Try to walk or move around to help blood circulation! Don't stay in bed the whole day! 😫
5. Brush your teeth and use a mouthwash every time you eat something/ or after every meal. Do that for a week
6. Be careful of your stitches in your mouth when you're brushing your teeth! They're absorbable stitches and they are not painful at all, but be careful not to hit or pull on them.
7. Get ample sleep, drink more water and keep yourself hydrated!
8. Don't eat spicy food or hot food/drinks for the first week.
9. No alcohol and no smoking for about 2 weeks

Don't hesitate to contact me for any questions! I will be more than happy to share my experience and help you go through your buccal fat surgery because sharing is caring 😂 Email me: winnie.aimikyoto@gmail.com

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