April 27, 2018

Bodytite Liposuction at Natchaya Clinic Bangkok - PART 1

  Ever since I was 13 years old, I've been struggling with my weight and body figure. I was heavily influenced by the images portrayed on media, and all I cared about was comparing myself to Victoria's secret models. I think it was part of puberty but I wanted a thigh gap so badly 😪 Yes yes my mind was polluted with full of rubbish and it was ridiculous!

I started dieting, cutting out ALL carbohydrates and any food that contained sugar. I worked out every single day before I sleep and my self esteem was always low. My diet was extremely strict that if my friend offered me just ONE potato chip in school, I would decline because that would "ruin" my diet...

My weight drastically dropped in a few months and every day when I step on the weighing scale, I feel all was worth it. Within 2 months, I've lost about 15kg and every morning I weighed 35kg. But my height never changed, it was always 157cm 😞

My thigh gap was big but I felt like I could not keep up with this anymore. I was SOO skinny that not only did I have a thigh gap, I had a KNEE GAP too! My hips are naturally very small so having a big thigh gap means my thighs were just twice the size of my arm. I had a sweet tooth for my whole life and not eating any chocolates was definitely killing me.

I started eating healthy but my cravings gave in and I allowed more junk food into my diet. It's like quenching my thirst after walking a desert for 2 months! Of course, all the junk food gradually made my thigh gap disappear. I tried starting a healthier diet again but some stubborn fat won't go away. 😟

I know that if I want the stubborn fat to disappear, I would have to go under that unhealthy restrictive diet some 5 years ago and I simply could not afford to be dizzy every day.  As life throws me more responsibilities with my studies and piano, I found myself sitting in front of the piano or at the desk most of the time, which left me not much time for gym and exercise. Maybe that's an excuse because.. I AM JUST TOO LAZY TO EXERCISE haha 😂 Ok I have to admit, I have a very girly personality and I hate exercising. I am actually rather good in sports and I've achieved Gold for all my NAPFA tests since I was 9 but I just H-A-T-E sports.

In fact, exercising actually made me gain more weight. I think it was the muscle gain, but I didn't feel exactly good after going to the gym because I had eat more when I return home, thinking my gym session would eventually "shed the weight off".

It wasn't easy for me to get back to a healthy diet that I have now, with more carbohydrates, protein and some room for chocolates too. My weight was no longer always on my brain, and that made me much happier and healthier.

However, when I chanced upon the Bodytite Plus technology that Natchaya clinic was offering, I could not ignore the effectiveness and the miracle of it! The before and after pictures were TOO ATTRACTIVE and the downtime is much lesser than the conventional liposuction 😆 I want to keep my current diet but meanwhile lose some of the stubborn fat I gained after incorporating carbohydrates and proteins into my diet, so there's really nothing to lose from Bodytite Plus.

About Bodytite Plus

Q1. What is Bodytite Plus?

It is the latest technology for liposuction. Bodytite is already extremely good but Bodytite Plus is even better!

Q2. What are the benefits for Bodytite?

1. Tightens the skin - no saggy skin and cellulite after liposuction 

There are many benefits to Bodytite liposuction but the main benefits are that the machine TIGHTENS your skin during the liposcution, so there will be no loose saggy skin. Normal liposuction may require you to go for some skin tightening laser treatment after the liposuction because of the loose skin when fat is sucked out, and if the skin remains loose, then the liposuction will become counter-effective.

Watch the video 😎

2. Lesser downtime than normal liposuction

As it is less invasive then normal liposuction, there will be less bruising and swelling, which means lesser pain and quicker time to resume your normal daily activities and go back to work. I am typing this from Day 5 since my surgery and swelling and bruising has gone down by a lot, especially for my waist. Even though there's still swelling, my waist is already significantly smaller than before 😱

3. Lesser scar

The incision is reallyyyyy small. My scar is only 1cm 😱 The scar has already healed pretty well in Day 3 and I am sure it will be completely invisible within a month.

Why did I decide to do with Natchaya clinic?

My surgery was 20 April and consultation was 19 April. I've booked my surgery with Dr Boss (Dr Thongpoj Chaimanee) from Natchaya clinic, as he was extremely experienced with Bodytite liposuction. The reason I chose Dr Boss from Natchaya clinic was because of the numerous cases he have performed. Again, more successful cases = doctor more experienced = better results for myself! 👏 It's also safer because the more experienced the doctor is, the more familiar the doctor will be with operating you and the least likelihood of  a surgery failure.

Have I mentioned how impressed I am with Dr Boss's cases? SEE FOR YOURSELF 😉 The best part of Dr Boss works are that all of his patients do not have cellulite or loose skin, even for those with huge amount of fat! 😍

Consultation time!

Natchaya clinic was quite crowded, and the interior was so cosy and elegantly decorated! The whole process of the consultation and surgery was very well organised and the staffs spoke pretty decent english.  Everyone was so helpful, especially Mink, who accompanied me through my through my consultation and post surgery process. Mink's english was perfect and she was very responsive to all my messages on LINE 👍 She even  assisted in helping me direct all my questions to Dr Boss after the surgery. Thank you so much Mink 😘

 I changed into a robe and waited for 10 minutes before my consultation with Dr Boss.

Dr Boss was very friendly and kind 😍 He patiently listened to all my concerns and addressed my questions about the liposuction. Dr Boss english was fluent so there was no communication barrier between us. We both agreed that my stubborn fat areas are my inner thighs and waist. I really love the mini waist that corset practitioners have but corset training is quite unhealthy because they squash your ribs and push your intestines down 😳

Dr Boss also told me that I will be given "sleeping anaesthesia" and local anaesthesia to numb the pain. I remembered falling asleep half way during the surgery, so I guess it's actually General anaesthesia by injection (not the gas type). He said that most people will fell asleep but some will still remain awake and just become sleepy. Nevertheless, the local anaesthesia numbed the pain so the procedure was painless.

The most important question was: When can I bathe after the surgery? I've read online that most doctors will allow you to bathe after the stitches are removed, which is 7 days after liposuction. 7 days of not bathing is TOO MUCH!!! When Dr Boss told me I could bathe 2 days (48 hours) after the Bodytite liposuction, I was so relieved!! PHEW...

That being said, you must keep your incisions clean and dry after your shower. I will explain more in Part 3 for the recovery of my surgery.

After the consultation, the nurse took me to another room to get a small injection on the back of my thigh near my butt. The injection was to reduce the bruising and swelling after the surgery. I think it's somehow like an antibiotics? I'm not sure but all I know was the injection wasn't painful haha 😅

I was also ushered to a room to take pictures and try my compression garment. One of the most important thing after the liposuction is to wear the compression garment diligently, so I need to get it fitted before the surgery. The compression garment might feel a little tighter on the first few days after the surgery due to swelling. It looks like this... reminds me of the stockings I wore as a kid when I was learning ballet 😂

Mink also sent me a list of pre-surgery and post-surgery dos and dont's.

Things to do before doing liposuction

1. Do not smoke and drink alcohol at least 2 weeks before liposuction to reduce the risk of infection and swelling. (If it's a major operation and you're removing huge amount of fat from your body, you should avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for 1 month before and after the operation.)

2.  Avoid taking these calss of medicines: Aspirin /Ibuprofen for at least 2 weeks before and after doing liposuction to reduce bruises. You can take Paracetamol to reduce pain.

3.  Avoid taking Vitamin E,Herb supplement, Fish oil, Ginkgo at least 1 week to prevent bleeding and bruising 

4. Inform the doctor about your drug allergies, your daily drugs & supplements intake and any underlying diseases

5.  If general anesthesia is used: Abstain from food and water 8 hours before doing liposuction
If local anesthesia is used: Food is allowed but abstain from caffeine in the morning

6.  Patients below the age of 20 years old require the consent from their parents before the liposuction (parents have to sign a consent form issued by Natchaya clinic) 

Note: Patient who has high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes should not do liposuction

That's all for Part 1! I can't wait to share with you guys about my actual surgery in Part 2! 😌

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