May 6, 2018

Bodytite Liposuction at Natchaya Clinic Bangkok - PART 2

Surgery Day!

My surgery was scheduled at 7pm so I had the whole day to be EXCITED! I wore out my hotel's bath robe because it was too comfy and I would take it off at Natchaya clinic anyway. My #ootd is always on point hehe 😎

 When I reached Natchaya clinic, the staffs warmly greeted me and asked for my medical conditions.  I removed all my jewelries, changed into a disposable underwear and into Natchaya clinic's robe. The staffs were all so trained and polite that they didn't even glance at my body when I wasn't wearing anything haha

The nurse took me to the third level where all the operations took place. She injected something on my hand and asked me to wait for 20 minutes for Dr Boss to finish his operation on another patient. Talk about good business! 👏

Dr Boss came out of the operation theatre and started marking out the liposuction areas on my body: The waist/ flanks +  Inner thighs. He kept asking me to turn around  to make sure both marked areas are equal... such a perfectionist 😂👍

I've been getting a lot of comments from my friends like "Why do you have to go for liposuction when you're already so SLIM?" There's something call SKINNY FAT. I may look slim but the amount of body fat is still high... And if it makes me happier and more confident, why not? 😇 Bodytite is a minimal invasive and an extremely safe procedure. It is definitely not as risky as the conventional liposuction.

Shortly after, I was brought to the operation theatre. It was so cosy that I didn't feel scared or nervous at all. Let the fat business get started 😝

Not sure what these gas tanks are for haha! This was an accidental picture LOL

They took my phone and camera away and started applying iodine all over my body. The iodine is to clean the skin and kill all the bacterias on your body.

Dr Boss started with the back so I had time to fall asleep with the anaesthesia. When the surgery started at the back, I couldn't feel anything but I was still a little conscious. I remember feeling sleepy and drowsily chatting with the 2 nurses sitting in front of me 😂

 One nurse was injecting anaesthesia to my hand and the other kept asking me if I was OK. Even when I was facing down on the bed, I knew I wasn't alone because of the 2 nurses in front of me.

Very quickly, I knocked out and could not remember a single thing. When I woke up, 2 nurses were helping with my compression garment and I kept asking "It's done? So fast?" But I was still sleepy from the anaesthesia and I remembered saying "SO FAST?" a dozen times! It was like being drunk from 10 shots of alcohol 😳

The nurse handed me a fruity yellow drink and I wolfed down the whole glass because I was SO thirsty. She smiled and me and said "Good!" . This yellow drink must be some kind of medicine 😂. Maybe another reason why I was feeling dizzy was because of the amount of fat and blood lost. But DAMN IT, look at those unhealthy fat! 😱

The amount of fat I lost was 1400cc!

I rested awhile on the bed before the nurse took me downstairs. Everything was so quick and I was really surprised that I could still walk pretty fast LOL!

The whole taxi ride back to my hotel was a vague memory. I was still dazed out and I fell asleep again before reaching my hotel. When I reached back and looked into the mirror, I was incredibly satisfied with my tiny waist but I was too tired to continue checking out myself in the mirror 😂

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  1. I'm from England and I love your blog so much. Your blog is so interesting to read. I think your so beautiful! Please continue writing more posts!