♥ About me ♥


My name is Winnie Chua. I am a 18 year old classical pianist and an aspiring social media influencer. I am born in sunny Singapore but I am a Malaysian. My father is a Malaysian and my mother is a  Thai-Indonesian Chinese, which explains why I am still a Singapore PR.

I am a super girly girl and I love all things girly! Even though I don't like being called a Bimbo but sometimes I really am a Bimbo. My favourite colour is baby pink and I love Barbie! Now you know why my hair is golden blonde... 😆

Besides piano, I have a strong passion for beauty and fashion since young. I know how unrelated these are to classical music,  but majoring in classical piano music did not change my obsession with beauty and fashion. Superficial as it may sound, I love dressing up and looking the best I can possibly be with all the makeup, aesthetics and poise. 😎

This blog will be dedicated to my reviews, experience as well as some personal blogging. 
Have fun reading my blog! ❤



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