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My name is Winnie and I'm 17. My love for gyaru has inspired me to blog again, because I enjoy being a gyaru! Gyaru means "gal" in Japanese, or girly-glam style. Gyarus usually have blonde hair and long fake nails, and they LOOOVE to doll themselves up!

Unfortunately for me, I can only dye my hair or wear fake nails during my holidays because of school *sobs*. Nevertheless, this won't stop me from being a gyaru! I can still be a Black hair gyaru RIGHT!!! Hahaha speaking of the spirit of 'Kaizen' - To me, '改善' is sooo important. It really motivates me to aim for continuous self improvement, even in beauty. 

My gyaru styles are Agejo and Himekaji (Everything in Himekaji style is too pink & pretty to resist ❤). My inspirations are...
                   Models: Tsubasa Masuwaka, Sakurina, Saaya Hayashida, Emiri Aizawa, Rockernewnew         
                   Magazines: 小悪魔 (Koakuma Ageha), 姉ageha (Aneageha), POPTEEN
                   Brands: RADY, DaTuRa, Emiriawiz, Swankiss, LizLisa

Besides dolling up, I have a strong and growing passion for piano and music ♫. I've always wanted to be a pianist since young, and I believe it will become a reality soon...

As such, I will be updating this blog with beauty tips, tutorials, fashion reviews, and any other things related to being a gal! I will also share my music reviews from what I've gained through watching masterclasses & concerts from the world renowned musicians ♪ ~ 

Have fun reading my blog! ❤



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